Officially Third Trimester

Holy cow, where has the last 28 weeks gone? I can’t believe we are already here in the last trimester of this pregnancy. I thought it would only be fair that I take a trip down memory lane of some of the highlights over the last 28 weeks.

First Trimester: 

Love at first sight. The first sign of life after our very long journey of struggling with infertility. This is our baby at only 5 days, an embryo blastocyst to be exact. Science is so crazy amazing, and we are very blessed that we have had the opportunity to do all the fertility treatments we did.

My first official sign of pregnancy was low back pain, closely followed by my boobs hurting. I couldn’t believe how textbook my symptoms were. My whole first trimester consisted of me being the most exhausted I have ever felt in my life and I didn’t have an appetite to eat. Anything with a flavor I couldn’t bear, so my diet consisted of a full menu of toast and buttered noodles. Lucky for me I never got sick to the point of throwing up.

One of the best moments of my whole first trimester was actually being able to share my pregnancy with both my sisters-in-law. I was only 8 weeks pregnant in this photo (Molly 27 weeks pregnant and Ali 31 weeks pregnant) that was taken at our Murder Mystery Party.  

2nd Trimester: 

The second trimester started out with a bang. Listening to the heartbeat (147 bpm) for the first time (we actually got to see the heart beating at our 6 week ultrasound), traveling to Las Vegas for work (yes that is the iron throne), and officially sharing our baby news to the world.

By 20 weeks I was feeling lots of little popcorn pops in my belly and our 20-week ultrasound confirmed that our baby was a dancing machine and enjoys sucking their thumb.

Everyone told me that once the 2nd trimester came, life would go back to normal. My energy came back and so did my appetite (the first 14 weeks were a long time for Romy to go without Mexican food) all just in time for Milwaukee summer. 

This summer has been so much fun. We have been keeping ourselves very busy attending tons of different events and working on various house projects in preparation for our newest roommate. Plus we found our baby’s gender, you can check out the whole gender reveal post.

To say I am not over the moon excited for the arrival of baby Reynebeau would be an understatement. We have been waiting for a baby for so long and I have truly been loving every minute of being pregnant, the good, the bad, and the ugly!

I can’t wait for what is in store for our third and final trimester.



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