Cheers to Sparkles, Champagne and the Last Decade

Not only are we celebrating the New Year today, but a new decade. So before we tie the bow on this last decade, let's take a little stroll down memory lane to celebrate just a few milestones. 2010 Studied abroad in Paris, France                     Became a… Continue reading Cheers to Sparkles, Champagne and the Last Decade


Nursery Reveal

  After MONTHS of prep work around our house, we officially have a functioning nursery. I say months because this process wasn't just moving our guest bedroom, it was moving our whole house around. To fit this nursery a couple things needed to happen: Our garage needed to be re-organized to account for basement "things"… Continue reading Nursery Reveal


Officially Third Trimester

Holy cow, where has the last 28 weeks gone? I can't believe we are already here in the last trimester of this pregnancy. I thought it would only be fair that I take a trip down memory lane of some of the highlights over the last 28 weeks. First Trimester:  Love at first sight. The… Continue reading Officially Third Trimester