Happy National Breastfeeding Week! 

Happy National Breastfeeding Week!  Even though breastfeeding didn’t go exactly how I planned, I wouldn’t change my journey. I have had the privilege to exclusively pump for the last 37 weeks and wow, what a labor of love pumping has been for me! Honestly, those early days were emotionally draining, shifting my mindset from exclusively… Continue reading Happy National Breastfeeding Week! 


Infertility Journey: Part 3

Welcome to our third infertility journey installment. Feel free to check out part one and part two here. In the fall of 2017, we were really feeling on the right track. We had the right medical system, the right doctors, everything was FINALLY lining up. At Froedert, we had a full workup done on both… Continue reading Infertility Journey: Part 3


Infertility Journey: Part 2

  Welcome back to our infertility journey. If you missed part 1, check it out here. Because appointments take so long to schedule, by the time I was able to meet my new OB, we were officially trying for a year and a half, in the winter of January 2017. But, this new OB was… Continue reading Infertility Journey: Part 2