Infertility Journey: Part 3

Welcome to our third infertility journey installment. Feel free to check out part one and part two here.

In the fall of 2017, we were really feeling on the right track. We had the right medical system, the right doctors, everything was FINALLY lining up. At Froedert, we had a full workup done on both myself and Romy, including genetics testing. I ended up having a Hysterosalpingogram (an x-ray of my uterus) and found that my left fallopian tube looked blocked. These were answers we were looking for, FINALLY, we knew something. The next step was to decide what to do, we could schedule an IUI (technically considered our first done correctly) or go right for the big guns, IVF. Due to the expensive cost of IVF (without insurance I believe we were quoted that 1 round would be around $18,000-$22,000 including medicine) we decided to go the more financially responsible route, an IUI.

All of our results going into the IUI looked promising, but regardless the IUI we did at Froedert was unsuccessful. By this time we needed a break, the holiday’s were here and I just need to not think about trying to have a baby, so we took some time off to reassess our priorities. By the end of 2017, I needed some changes to be made. I wasn’t happy in my job and I really wanted to take my leap of faith in blogging. For the longest time, I had the deepest desire to start a blog and I finally started making efforts to start Darboy Kate.

But again, looking back, everything happened for reason. As 2018 began I was approached with an opportunity at my current company (I actually got a phone call from the HR contact on my 29th Birthday). Once the ball started moving, my priorities shifted into my new career. Learning a new position, company and coworkers was my main focus and it was exactly where I needed to be, mind, body, and spirit. To a surprising turn of events, when I was eligible to elect my health benefits at my new company, I found out that they offered infertility benefits (a unicorn in the insurance world).

My benefits kicked in at the end of June 2018, and I had remade appointments with Froedert to restart treatment in July. Also, to really kick things into overdrive, I started acupuncture treatments at the same time. We decided to pick up treatment where we left off with IUI’s. By the end of October 2018, we had a couple of IUI attempts but didn’t actually perform one due to various reasons.

So that was it, we were done with IUI’s and ready to move to IVF.

Next weeks blog post is my LAST regarding fertility and all about IVF.

If you have any questions on our journey, please feel free to reach out.





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