Infertility Journey: Part 1

So let’s get a little personal over here. The last 27 weeks have been an amazing experience of being able to experience pregnancy. Our journey didn’t start just 27 weeks ago, it actually started almost 4 years ago.

Right after we celebrated our first anniversary of marriage, I had some changes come up with my career, that made the decision to start a family a little easier. I checked with my doctor at the time and she advised that I could get off my birth control whenever we were ready and that if things don’t work in a year, check back in to see what was going on. Romy and I were so excited to start this next chapter of our lives and honestly from what everyone had said, I kind of thought we would just get pregnant right away, I was 26, he 27, us both healthy active people.

But of course, that is not what happened. Between the fall of 2015 to the spring of 2016  we slowly watched friends and family around us get pregnant and we did not. We didn’t ever lose hope, as we hadn’t even been trying a year, so we figured we would shift our focus slightly to things we could control. We started to very seriously look into buying our first house, I was trying to figure out my next step for my career, then life got in the way as we were busy making plans.

A freak fall ended up leaving me with a torn left ACL, a sprained MCL, and a chunk taken out of my meniscus. I needed an ACL reconstructive surgery to repair my torn ligament.  Looking back now, this only prolonged our baby-making journey by a few months but at the time it felt much longer. On top of all of that, shortly after my surgery we ended up buying our first house, I quit my job, and started a new job – all VERY big life changes. But of course, all I could focus on was getting to the next step in making our family.

I truly do think everything happens for a reason and even though the knee surgery was terrible timing, it helped me start to really focus and get down to business. I took matters into my own hands and started seeing a new OB (before our year timeline) and I am so glad we did. She did recognize that there was probably an issue and she wanted to start running tests on Romy and I. Unfortunately, this happened at the same time that my insurance changed and with our luck, she didn’t accept our new insurance. Thus, I had to find another OB, and restart our conversation.

Stayed tuned for part 2 of our journey next week.


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