My Imperfectly Perfect Family

Divorce is such a weird beautiful mess. So prevalent in our culture and in so many families (40-50% of marriages end in divorce). I alone have many friends that have gone through a divorce themselves or come from a divorced family. I didn’t grow up in a household of divorce; my parents didn’t get divorced until I was in college, out of their house, in my early 20’s.  Regardless of when your parents get divorced, to say it’s easy would be a joke. But now looking back in my 30’s, I have learned so much from divorce. I have learned how to be a better daughter, sister, wife, friend and one day very soon parent, but the biggest lesson has been to love and to love big.

In the last 9 years, I have been fortunate enough to witness my dad fall in love again and my brothers and I welcomed her with open arms into our lives. Regardless that they became official yesterday, Anne has been a large member of our imperfectly perfect family for years now and I was honored to be apart of their special day.

So I give you a few of my favorite pictures from their perfect day!

Four generations of Lenzners!

Two very proud grandparents right here.

This cake topper has been used for every Lenzner wedding since my Grandma and Grandpa Lenzner’s wedding 50+ years ago.

The perfect ending to the perfect day!

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