Infertility Journey: IVF

Thank you all SOO much for sticking through our infertility blog series! This is definitely heavy material, and YEARS of information to unfold.

Here are all posts that led to our last step, IVF (In vitro fertilization).

So Romy and I decided it was time to actually pull out the big guns and had our IVF consult on November 19, 2018. From then on until the end of 2018 we were in prep mode (and it felt damn good). Signing lots of legal paperwork, getting everything figured out with the insurance and then going back on birth control until the beginning of February (I guess this helps regulate your cycle).

By mid- January 2019, all of my injectable meds were delivered, and we took our injection class on January 28th. I stopped taking the birth control on February 10th, and by February 15th we had our first ultrasound to see how my follicles were developing.

By February 17th I started 2 of my injectables (Gonal F and Menopur) and by the 21st, I added a third (Ganirelix) all to prepare for my egg retrieval surgery on February 27th (my dad’s birthday).

The whole surgery only took a few minutes and they were able to retrieve 9 eggs. I was a little sore after the surgery, but honestly, it was the best feeling ever, knowing our future family was one big step closer. The waiting game was then on, we need to see how many of the of those eggs were going to be healthy enough to make it to embryo blastocyst status.

But my treatment didn’t stop there, after surgery I started taking a new injection of progesterone, and this was a big shot compared to the tiny needles I used before the retrieval. The injectables I did before the egg retrieval I gave to myself (in my stomach around my belly button), but with progesterone, Romy had to assist with, as it was going into the meaty part of my bum.

We found out on March 2 that out of the eggs retrieved we had 6 developed into embryos: 4 A quality,1 B quality, and 1 C quality embryos in culture. The A and the B quality were the ones that would be viable for a fresh transfer and the rest cryogenically frozen, the C would be discarded.

On March 4th, we did the fresh embryo transfer. I have never been more excited and scared in my whole life.

On March 14, 2019 while at work, I found out I was pregnant. After taking a blood pregnancy test in the morning, a nurse called me to confirm the news. We re-tested on March 16, to ensure the pregnancy was developing (which he was). Then on March 27, we had our first ultrasound, he was 6 weeks along and we got to see his heartbeat flickering on the screen.

This truly brought tears to my eyes after three and a half years, we were officially going to be parents.

Romy and I feel so ridiculously fortunate for our whole journey. Regardless of the time, money, highs and lows, this process has brought us closer as husband and wife and best friends! I know I could not have gone through this journey without Romy by my side.

If you have any questions on our journey, please feel free to reach out.

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