2020 Goal: Shop less

“I like my money right where I can see it….hanging in my closet…..”

This saying has been my personal purpose statement for YEARS. And as the definition of a personal purpose statement defines who you are. It reflects your passions and values. It provides clarity as you set goals. Your sense of purpose steers how you want your story to go.

As I started reflecting on 2019, and my life in general, I realized I didn’t want my sole purpose to be about shopping and “things.”

Every year I love to do some sort of new year’s resolution; making my bed, flossing my teeth, working out, eating healthy, etc. Side note: making my bed is actually one goal that has stuck, and I make my bed EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. and it brings me so much joy.

This year, I didn’t necessarily proclaim my goal to the world, because I was really afraid of failing. But regardless of screaming from the rooftops for all to hear, I have kept my goal to myself and I have actually been very proud of my progress thus far.

Let’s take a step back and let me tell you some random facts about myself:

  • Growing up, I spent my weekends running around the Fox River Mall with my mom, while my Dad and brothers went hunting
  • My first babysitting job, I spent the money at Build-a-Bear on a stuffed monkey named Buddy (I still have it)
  • I competed in the DECA marketing case competitions in the “Appear and Accessory” category
  • I have worked in corporate retail pretty much my whole career

What do all these random facts have in common: retail and shopping. I have grown a fine appreciation for the sport of shopping and find myself to be a gold medal shopper.

Maybe I should say it a little louder for my friends in the back…I LOVE TO SHOP. I have a slight problem, and I really realized it after August was born. Trying to fit another human into our already small home, with all my “stuff,” was eye-opening.

I had a couple other experiences that really help me to wake up.

  1. My brother and sister-in-law decided to do a “no spending January” and I was so inspired by their journey and wanted to challenge myself
  2. Elise Larson, of the Pretty Beautiful Mess’s 2019 FASHION CHALLENGE: ONLY purchasing used/pre-owned/pre-loved clothing for the whole year 
  3. I watched the documentary “The True Cost”
  4. Amy Kiefer, of BlancedAmes and Expecting and Empowered “Monthly Financial Meetings”
  5. Mary Orton, of MEMORANDUM “Cost-Per-Wear Calculator”

So with the combination of all of those things, my goal for 2020 has been to shop less. I started to pay very close attention to where and how I was spending our money and I can’t wait to fill you on how I have been doing in my next post.


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