Happy Earth Day 2021!

Happy Earth Day 2021!

In our home we like to make Earth Day every day and reduce, reuse, recycle is a big mantra in our household. Not only sorting out paper, plastics and glass from our garbage (our recycle bin is overflowing every two-weeks, when our city picks up). But also being very thoughtful in the products we buy. From the food we eat, to the clothing we wear.

I told you last year about my challenge to be more sustainable in shopping, and that challenge really opened my eyes to the fast fashion industry. (Check out post one and two here)

This year, I wanted to send along a few tips and tricks to easily add into your lifestyle that have a big impact! 

  • Recycle single-use plastic waste: 
    • What is single-use plastic or disposable plastics, are used only once before they are thrown away or recycled. These items are things like plastic bags, plastic packaging straws, coffee stirrers, soda and water bottles and most food packaging.
    • A lot of national retailers offer single-use plastic recycle programs that are convent and easy to access while you are out doing your shopping:
  • Shop locally and eat seasonally
    • From farmers markets to local co-ops, purchasing in-season foods that were grown locally can significantly reduce your carbon footprint
      • Sustainable Eating: Food is responsible for around 30% of greenhouse gas emissions globally
        • Shop locally: From farmers markets to local co-op’s, when you purchase foods that were grown locally, it cuts down on the amount of fuel needed to ship the food to your market (plus supports your community). 
          • Wisconsin Farmers Market (some of my favorites: Shorewood, Whitefish Bay, Cathedral Square, Westtown/Zeidler Square, Mequon, Appleton, Madison)
        • Eat seasonally: Blueberries don’t grow in Wisconsin in April, yet you can still buy them “fresh” at this time. This means they’re likely coming from far, far away. When possible, focus on foods that are available in season where you live and you’ll be supporting sustainability.
        • Tap your tap. Liquids can be heavy items to ship around the country and lots of fossil fuel is needed to tote them. Instead of purchasing bottled beverages, use a refillable bottle and fill it with water from the tap or filter.
  • Recycle old clothing, textiles and goods 

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