2020 Goal: Shop Less Part 2

2020 has obviously been a very interesting year for everyone. Currently, Romy and I are still working, but the uncertainly of either of us losing our job is always there. So the fact that my goal for 2020 has been to shop less has been amazing for our household.

If you didn’t see my previous post on my 2020 Goal: Shop Less, check it out here.

So where did I even begin, I started with my prized possession, my closet and I purged it!

  1. I returned anything in my closet that still had tags on it
  2. All the items that were still nice, but just not me anymore, I consigned at Fifth-Main (formally E-Collectique) and listed in my Poshmark Closet
  3. The items that were not worth selling I donated
  4. Anything ripped or unusable was recycled or tossed

I deleted, unsubscribed, and blocked almost every retail digital marketing I was received via email and social media.

If I did need something for an event or blog post I purchased second hand via Poshmark, Facebook Marketplace, Friends, and thrift stores. But, if I have needed to purchase anything new, I ALWAYS make sure to use the Rakuten affiliate program to instantly get cashback through their affiliate links (to date, I have gotten over $250 just for being mindful of this step).

Romy and I began having weekly “Board Meetings” on Sunday nights. Not only do we do a  financial check-in, but we also establish our schedule for the week as well as our menu for lunch and dinner. There has never been so much openness in our relationship and we are probably the closest we have ever been.

It’s been almost 9 months since this all started, and I am so proud of what I have been able to accomplish in a short amount of time. With a combination of the above and as well as saving my annual bonus, any cash gifts from Christmas and my birthday, and the money I have made on my breastmilk donation, I have saved THOUSANDS of dollars! To look in my bank account and see more money and to have less stuff in our house, is amazing!

I know it may be counter-intuitive, but because of all of my savings and purging, I had a little pent up demand to shop. But, I wasn’t looking to just purchase anything, I wanted something special and uniquely me, I wanted something that embodied the following:

Hardwork: For a job well done in a demanding career in retail

Agile: For learning new shopping and money-saving habits

Patience: For learning, good things come to those who wait

Motherhood: Becoming a mom and giving myself grace

Gracious: Being thankful for all of the gifts that have been given to me

Well that is a pretty hefty list of demands for one item to embody, but I ended up falling in love with this rainbow tennis bracelet from Aubrey Ballard of Shop Dandy Abrey has a curated assortment of fine jewelry she sells via her Instagram page. When the pandemic hit, she started selling jewelry from her personal collection and this was one of the items. Aside from supporting a local business, I was also purchasing something second hand, fitting into my “rules.” This bracelet means so much to me, probably one of the best gifts I have ever given myself.


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