Baby Reynebeau Is…

On Friday, June 28th, we had our 20-week ultrasound! I can’t believe how fast time is cruising by! We opted to not find out the gender of baby Reynebeau at our appointment, but rather tuck the information in an envelope for a friend to help us with our surprise of a lifetime! And yes, all important information can be found on our fridge!

I know some people are in the camp of waiting until birth to find out their baby’s sex, but I figured whether finding out at 20 weeks pregnant or waiting until the birth, it is still just as surprising and exciting regardless of when you find out! Plus, my type-A personality needs time to plan and prepare for our little love. Also, what a fun experience for our friends and family to find out with us!

I had never attended a gender reveal party and with the 4th of July days after our 20-week ultrasound, it seemed like the perfect excuse to throw a 4th of July Gender Reveal Party.

I had a really hard time finding something generic to tie in people gender guesses. So, I ended up throwing together this poster, “He or She what will our FIRECRACKER be?” It was perfect, just simple enough to get our friends and family involved.

Please note, I voted boy, and Romy voted girl.

Without further ado, I give your our gender reveal video!






are we excited for our little love to come in November!



2 thoughts on “Baby Reynebeau Is…”

  1. I get a little more excited each time I see the reveal!! Can’t seriously wait to see our next little grandson!!


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