Exciting News…

After almost 4 years, 1 terrible OB, and 3 failed IUI’s we were led to an amazing fertility clinic and 1 successful round of IVF. Romy and I are proud to announce we are FINALLY expecting our first child in November 2019.

Now onto some of the questions, people have started asking me:

Pregnancy symptoms? In the first trimester, I was exhausted and had a hard time eating really anything but toast and buttered noodles. All things with true flavor made me nauseous. I didn’t have morning sickness, but I did have afternoon sickness,  I never actually threw up, but always had the feeling.

How are you feeling? We are just getting into our 2nd trimester and it is crazy how much better I am feeling already with more energy and fewer food aversions. But life is already changing, I can’t sleep on my stomach anymore and my workouts have changed pretty drastically.

You are working out while you are pregnant? YES! As soon as I was cleared from our fertility doctor I was back in the pilates studio. I have now dropped down to less intense classes and added in the Expecting and Empowered workouts, more to come on that!

Are you finding out the sex? YES! We can’t wait actually, only a couple more weeks to go!

Are you going to stay working full time? YES! I  truly love my job and can’t see myself not as a working mother. We already have daycare picked out and ready to go and are so excited to see our child thrive in an environment of learning.

How did you tell you Romy the news? Well, with doing IVF, our whole process was much different than your average pee on a stick. I actually got a call from our fertility nurse with the news and held it in all day (with all my coworkers sitting less than a foot away from me). I always envisioned I would tell Romy in an elaborate way, but honestly, the process went so much faster than I expected. I ended up getting Romy a simple card and a little book that you can write letters to your baby. We celebrated with dinner and have been on cloud 9 since.

How did you tell your family? Honestly, this was one of the best parts of our whole journey. We told a few friends and my parents that we were doing IVF (because IVF does have a surgery component). After we got the official green light from our doctors (an ultrasound at 6 weeks where we got to see the heart beating), we took the drive to Appleton to surprise our parents and siblings.

Thank you to all of our family, friends, and coworkers for all of their support through this special time in our life!

Photography: Kali Marie Photography 

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