Happy Dad’s Day!

Happy Dad’s Day!

We are officially celebrating over here in the Reynebeau house today with some of Romy’s favorite things; sleeping in, brunch at Smoke Shack and a relaxing afternoon. Can’t wait to see this dad in action once November comes around.

But, we want to take some time to celebrate our dad’s and how we told them they were grandpa’s to be.

Up first, is Romy’s Dad, Steve.

As I had mentioned in our announcement post, we had gone back home and surprised our family with our good news. We were able to kind of “trick” Ellen and Steve, that we were home to celebrate Steve’s birthday (which had just happened a few weekends before).

We gave him two presents, one being the onesie featured to the left and grandparents mugs. He opened the onesie first, which was upside down, with the copy facing Ellen.  Steve was very confused, but it wasn’t long for Ellen to realize what it was. In fact, she started screaming, “Steve, she’s pregnant.” There were lots of happy tears and hugs that followed.

Now a little back story on the “Rudy” teeshirts. For Steve’s 60th birthday we celebrated with a large surprise party that involved all his closest friends and family.  The teeshirt actually came about because Steve’s dad had similar shirts made for his friends and family YEARS ago (Don’s Brother, Don’s Wife, Don’s Kid, etc). It had long been a joke that Steve told us, so we surprised him with “Rudy shirts” (Rudy is Steve’s nickname).

Now onto my daddy-o!

So, again like I had mentioned in our announcement post, we had actually only told a few people that we were doing IVF, my parents being one them. But, my dad, not wanting to pry, never really asked what was going on. I actually know he reached out to my brother and sister-in-law a couple times just to check-in.

So when we had called my dad that we were in town on a random Sunday, he didn’t really think much into it. Again, similar to Steve we brought along a birthday gift for him to open. But, when my dad opened the “Grandpa’s Fishing Buddy” onesie, my dad knew instantly what it was, and started crying tears of joy. I have actually been holding onto this onesie for probably 6 years. I found it at a sample sale and figure it would be a perfect way to tell my dad. I am so glad I held onto it all these years because honestly, my dad’s reaction was even better than I imaged it.

We have so many men in our lives that are amazing fathers and grandfathers. I hope you are all enjoying your time celebrating them today!



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