Top Baby Items 3-6 Months

My first baby item post was centered around 0-2 months. August is now almost 6 months old and a lot has changed in such a short amount of time. Aside from us starting at daycare and hanging in quarantine at home. August is spending way more time looking around and figuring out his surroundings. He is also working on rolling from back to belly (we have belly to back down!)

    1. Fisher-Price® Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat – We started using this chair for August when he was around 3 months old. This really helped him to start holding his head up better and has been a super convent to bring with us as we travel.
    2. WickwireStyles Pacifier clipWe LOVE these clips,  aside from them being super chic looking, I love that they are functional as well. Plus, they are locally made in Wisconsin.
    3. Bloom Fresco High Chair – This is definitely an investment piece, but one of our best yet! The modern look of the chair compliments our mid-century modern decor. The chair itself grows with your child from newborn to age 8 and has 3 separate chair options. Cradle mode for resting to semi-reclined for bottle-feeding to fully upright. Also, it has a pneumatic up/down height adjustment, so the chair can be used at the kitchen table or bar height. We can’t wait to watch this chair grow with August.
    4. Emily & Meritt Activity Gym – I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the activity mats on the market. I was drawn to this one based on the appearance and the fact that it matched our nursery. 
    5. Sassy Baby Sensory Development Floor MirrorAround 3 months, babies start to recognize faces, not their own face, but they like looking at other babies. This mirror was actually recommended by our physical therapist (yes, we have one because August has a case of torticollis in his neck, with a flat spot on his head). The mirror has been a great tool in getting August on his belly and staying content (even if it only lasts for a few minutes).
    6. Nuby 3 Step Teether Set We have tons of teethers, but these are his favorite! While August hasn’t had any teeth breakthrough yet, his mouth has been uncomfortable. The brush teether in this pack has been his favorite thus far. 
    7. OBall – Our little green Oball has been August’s best friend. We bring this ball everywhere we go, using a pacifier clip we clip it onto his car seat, the Sit-me-up chair and even him. August has learned how to pass the ball from hand to hand and brings it to his mouth.
    8. Cloud Island reverse zip sleepers – We have learned super fast that zippers are our best friends, and these reverse zip sleepers are our favorite. They wash really nice and the prints are super gender natural. 
    9. Nanit –  We LOVE our Nanit camera, aren’t we lucky to live in a time we have cameras to check in on our babies? Romy and I are both able to have the Nanit hooked up to our phones (his Android and my iPhone). The camera itself is not mounted to our wall, rather it is hooked up to a stand that sits behind our crib and gives us a total top-down view of his crib. We get alerts to our phone when he wakes up, and the system logs his movements.
    10. Otteroo – While a funny looking product, it has been awesome to see August learning to swim. Yes, this is a flotation device, and you need to be present to monitor him, but he is so dang proud of himself when he is able to flip over from back to belly while using.

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