Darboy Kate is ONE!

  I can't believe we are here, officially ONE year after launching Darboy Kate. This year has brought so much personal growth for me physically, emotionally, and professionally. I have met some amazing new people along the way and I have learned a TON. To honor Darboy Kate's birthday, I broke out my fanciest shoes… Continue reading Darboy Kate is ONE!


5 Years Later

July 12, 2014   Everyone tells you, the older you get, the faster times goes. 5 years has gone by in what seems like a blink of an eye! In 5 years.... We have changed careers Bought a house BOTH of us had major knee surgery Became an Aunt and Uncle to Briggs and… Continue reading 5 Years Later


Happy ONE year to me! 

Today I am celebrating my ONE year work anniversary! I am re-wearing the sweatshirt I wore a year ago to announce my latest chapter. (A sweatshirt I promised myself I would get if I got my job). Now to some people, they may not understand, but I am CRAZY for retail! I live it, breath… Continue reading Happy ONE year to me!