Happy ONE year to me! 

Today I am celebrating my ONE year work anniversary! I am re-wearing the sweatshirt I wore a year ago to announce my latest chapter. (A sweatshirt I promised myself I would get if I got my job). Now to some people, they may not understand, but I am CRAZY for retail! I live it, breath it, and it runs through my blood. I still have to pinch myself that have earned the privilege to work at such an amazing company. I just have to brag a little, but I get to spend my days working for a company that truly cares for its employees. It shows in the way they train us, mentor us, and support us.

I have been lucky enough in my short year to have not had ONE amazing manager, but TWO! In December I was appointed an amazing opportunity to move areas. And even though it’s only been a few months my new area, the projects I am working on are some of the biggest and most challenging work I have done to date, but the most rewarding. Aside from my managers, I get to work every day with a group of individuals I get to call my counterparts and friends. I have learned so much from my teammates and they have truly been the most patient, understanding and badass group to work and learn from.

Through this journey in my new career, I have refound myself through the process and I can truly say I am the happiest I have been in a long time!

So cheers to me today, for taking a leap of faith a year ago and following my heart. And cheers to my work family for helping me refind myself along the way!



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