Darboy Kate is ONE!


I can’t believe we are here, officially ONE year after launching Darboy Kate.

This year has brought so much personal growth for me physically, emotionally, and professionally. I have met some amazing new people along the way and I have learned a TON. To honor Darboy Kate’s birthday, I broke out my fanciest shoes and went back to School House Park in Whitefish Bay to take some fun photos. Note, School House Park is the first place I took blog pictures last year.

So let’s just take a look back on some of my FAVORITE Darboy Kate moments.

My first official blog post. This was such a HUGE step for me, regardless of how small my first post was. I had started planning for my blog a year prior, and all the little details were FINALLY live. I have planned plenty of product and event launches professionally, but when it comes to personally putting myself out into the universe, this was a big step!

Shooting at the Wynwood Walls, in Miami was such a highlight! My husband actually surprised me by hiring Mona, the photographer behind @chicdestinations and this whole session actually made me feel like a real blogger!

With-in the last year, I tried really hard to see Milwaukee and Wisconsin in a new way. I am constantly researching and exploring new and different events and it has been so fun to be a tourist in your own home town.

But there is so much more that goes into blogging, than taking pretty pictures and attending fun events. I learned quickly that to get anywhere you really need to know the right people, and at first, the blogger network in Milwaukee was very intimidating to me. I had no clue where to even meet bloggers, but I slowly started to talk to people and found some AMAZING networks.

Aside from just bloggers, I have met women entrepreneurs, photographers, local boutique owners, and so much more. These people I am continually learning from, and I look at as mentors.

But honestly, Darboy Kate wouldn’t be what it is today without the support of my amazing husband. He has really encouraged me to continue pushing myself outside my comfort zone and has been my number 1 cheerleader. He spends so much time helping me behind the scenes, taking my pictures, helping with any of my web development, proofing posts, and even outfit styling. He is always open to my photoshoot ideas, regardless of how crazy they are or if they involve him (which he really hates). I am so very fortunate to have him.

Year one has been pretty epic, but I can’t wait for year two and to see how Darboy Kate evolves. So thank you SO much from the bottom of my heart for following along and supporting me on my blogging journey!







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