Doors Open Milwaukee

2017, Milwaukee War Memorial

One of my FAVORITE weekends in Milwaukee is here! Doors Open Milwaukee is taking place this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, September 28th and 29, all over Milwaukee from 10am-5pm.  Put on by Historic Milwaukee, over 170+ buildings open their doors for the public to view the sites (many that are normally not open to the public).

2011, Our first Open Doors, Pabst Theatre tour

Romy and I have been attending Open Doors for over 8 years now, and every year we try to see something new and we LOVE bringing friends and family along for the ride.

We have become such big fans of this event (maybe we are just big nerds) that we joined the Historic Milwaukee Inc  as members due to members being able to book tours earlier than the public. This comes in handy for the paid tours that only have so many spots available.

But for this weekend, I went through and broke down some of the different tours that would be worth looking into if you are looking for something to do in Milwaukee this weekend. The tours are broken down into free tours, free tours that you need a ticket for, and then the tours that cost $10.

Free Tours:

2015, Milwaukee City Hall Bell Tower Tour

Free Tour, but ticket needed:

$10 Tour:

Over the years we have been able to see SO much via Open Doors, but we haven’t seen everything! These are the items that are on our list, that if we don’t get to this year, we will try to see next.

Still on my list to see:


2018, Kaying the Menomonee River with the Milwaukee Kayak Company


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