Women’s Entrepreneurship Week

Can you believe its already March! Three months into 2019 and life is pretty good, plus its officially International Women’s Month.  This month I plan to share with you women (and men) that have inspired and empowered me.

I was lucky enough to attend the kickoff today of Women’s Entrepreneurship Week MKE  at Merriment Social. I don’t consider myself an entrepreneur by definition, I define myself as a multi-passionate entrepreneur. One fortunate enough to be working in a career I absolutely love and have my side passion, Darbory Kate, where I am continuing to push myself to learn and expand my experiences.

Today was a day I had to push myself out of my comfort zone, attending an event where I only knew a few people in an environment of people that don’t necessarily align in my creative niche. But, I was so pleasantly surprised by tonight’s event, I am here now, writing this blog post. To anyone who may be reading this, and maybe on the fence about attending one of the 60 Women’s Entrepreneurship Week MKE events, I challenge you to push past the uncomfortableness and learn something new.

Tonight I had the privilege of hearing Kelly Fitzsimmons share her story to a room full of eager women and men. She was raw, insightful, and witty and her story and advice was so moving. Kelly, a serial entrepreneur, based here in Milwaukee, spoke about the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur and balancing work and family life.  Here advice was truly inspiring and I can’t wait for her book to be released in April: Lost in StartupLandia: Wayfinding for the Weary Entrepreneur.

So what event are you going to attend? Take a look at the complete list of events here and comment below on which events you plan to attend.


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