Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Walking in a winter wonderland at the Ice Castle of Lake Geneva. I couldn’t believe my eyes for this ice architecture, I really did feel like I was in hanging at Elsa’s house. I understand it was man-made, but it was pretty amazing. From the fountains to tunnels,  to the ice slide, and even an ice throne, this was really incredible to see in person.

And the best part, this little excursion was a Christmas gift from dear friends, how sweet is that! I love gifting experience, it’s so much more special than just another thing.

So while in Rome we took advantage of the beautiful backdrop to take some fun pictures! I know lately, we have had an extreme amount of snow here in Milwaukee, but I truly do love the snow and all the fashion that comes with it.

Good news is the Ice Castles will be open for a few more weeks (with the amazing snow storms we have been having), but make sure to check out the website for ticketing, hours and locations! Because that’s right, there are actually six Ice Castle locations across the US.

What is your favorite winter activity? Comment below!


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