Flowers For Dreams

Well in the thick of winter, all I keep daydreaming for is warm weather, green grass, and pretty flowers. Now, we are still a few months out for all of those in Wisconsin, but flowers. I LOVE fresh flowers on my dining room table, something about it seems so elegant and classic. A few months… Continue reading Flowers For Dreams


Be My Galentine

Who doesn't love to get together with their favorite ladies and a Galentines party is just the ticket. This doesn't need to be anything fancy, but with a couple of cheap decorations, you can add a little pizzazz to your event.   Decorations:  Balloons: I am so HAPPY these have made a come back. Balloons… Continue reading Be My Galentine


What’s a Hostess to do?

Over the last few years I have learned a thing or two about hosting an event, whether it be a professional event, football party, or bridal shower. It doesn't really matter the theme, size, or attendance, all successful events need the same few key details. 1. Brainstorm: We all learned the skills for throwing a good… Continue reading What’s a Hostess to do?


I love getting festive mail

I am such a nerd. I love holiday cards and I love getting festive mail in general. In the early years I always helped my mom organize her Christmas cards. As I grew more independent, I started handing out holiday cards to my girlfriends (think middle school timing) and I just never stopped the tradition. The… Continue reading I love getting festive mail