I love getting festive mail

I am such a nerd. I love holiday cards and I love getting festive mail in general. In the early years I always helped my mom organize her Christmas cards. As I grew more independent, I started handing out holiday cards to my girlfriends (think middle school timing) and I just never stopped the tradition. The last two years we have used Minted for our holiday card and I could not be more happy with their service.

First of all, I think that design is the most important aspect for any holiday card. There are so many options at Minted; flat cards, folded, 2 sided printing, different shapes and sizes, custom with images, the list truly goes on and on. I prefer to use a photo in our holiday cards because I think of our holiday cards almost like a yearbook. I love looking back on our past holiday cards.

Exhibit A – I will always have this festive Green Bay Packer gem to look back on.

Another very important element, my holiday card must have a little bling. I am not talking about a fake printed glitter, I am talking about foil-pressed cards. Minted offers multiple foil colors (gold, silver, bronze and more) and even a real glitter option. I feel like this just adds the perfect amount of elegance that the holidays embody.

Now the foil may be a little pricey, but the FREE perks are totally worth it. I am talking about FREE custom envelopes (such a unique touch) and recipient addressing. I think the hardest part of sending out holiday cards is getting all your addresses together and addressing each card. Minted takes the heavy lifting out of the process. It is so easy, just upload your addresses to their address assistant and mark (the checkbox by each address) which address you want included in your order, and don’t forget to double check all the spelling and information.

Aside from these cards looking gorgeous, they can actually give back to your local community. Now through November 30, save 15% on your order by using promo code FUNDRAISEJATA at checkout. By using this code, Minted will also donate 15% to Wisconsin Junior Achievement: Team Achieve.  These efforts will directly fund local JA programming, empowering kids in our community by giving them real-world knowledge and teaching them how to plan for their future, reach financial independence and apply business, economic and entrepreneurship skills in their lives.

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!

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