Black Friday Shopping: Retail Insider Tips & Tricks

Growing up I never really imagined myself professionally working in a retail setting. I knew I would work in a professional / business like environment, but I didn’t realize that behind every store there is a corporate buying office. Over the years I have picked up some vital tips and tricks on how to navigate holiday shopping, especially Black Friday!

  1. My number one tip would be to a sketch out a plan. Maybe figure out who you are buying for:
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Kids
  • Neighbors
  • Pets
  • Co-workers
  • City employees (think your mail person and garbage people)
  • Possible white elephant
  • Adopt a family
  • The list is really endless
  1. Figure out your budget. I am a little type A with this, I actually log everything I spend each year so that I can better budget for the next year. It is SOO easy to go overboard with gifting because giving gifts is one of my favorite things but having a budget helps reign things in.
  2. Research: For me my number 1 goal is to get a great deal. I start my research as the holiday season (November 1st) kicks off for retailers. My first stop is Did you even know that retailers pre post their ads, so you don’t need to wait until the Wednesday before Thanksgiving? Trust me, I still get a newspaper and love to look through all the actual ads (for nostalgic reasons).
  3. Don’t leave your house! I do 100% of my shopping online. Most retailers put their pricing up online the Tuesday or Wednesday before Black Friday. Plus, with most retailers offering a very low or no shipping minimum, you can’t beat it.
  1. If you do go out to stores (yes, maybe you really need that 60” flat screen TV) I get it. Again, have a plan. Figure out what the stores opening times are since most stores are opening around 5pm on Thanksgiving (you can get all of your stores information on Be prepared for long lines and crazy parking lots. Make sure to wear comfy shoes and layers (nobody wants to be walking around a store carrying their coat while waiting in line), and don’t forget to pack water; Shopping is cardio!

Lastly, have FUN! If I do go out shopping I like to run around with my sister-in-law. We never really go for anything big, but more for the time together.

Happy Black Friday Shopping and Happy Holidays!

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