What’s a Hostess to do?

Over the last few years I have learned a thing or two about hosting an event, whether it be a professional event, football party, or bridal shower. It doesn’t really matter the theme, size, or attendance, all successful events need the same few key details.

1. Brainstorm: We all learned the skills for throwing a good party in our high school English class, running a successful event is similar to writing a paper. Write down all your event details. I am not just talking about the theme of your event, but everything. I tend to revert back to the basics, remember the the 5 W’s? If you need a refresher, the 5 W’s are: Who, What, Where, When, Why (and the step-sister How).

  1. Who: Who is involved or invited
  2. What: What is the event for
  3. Where: Where is the event being held
  4. When: Date and timing of the event
  5. Why: What is the reason for the event
  6. How: How is this all going to come together

2. Outline: Once you have the main elements for your event figured out, it is time to dive into the details and having a good outline of the event is key. Like a boy scout, I really try hard to be prepared, and many of the tools I utilize are free on the Google platform:

  1. Spreadsheet: The Google sheet function is awesome and very similar to Excel. I tend to put all my expenses in a spreadsheet to ensure I am staying on budget and adhering to key dates and times for when payments are due.
  2. Word Document: I am a HUGE list person. I LOVE to cross off items on a list, there is something so satisfying about it. Regardless, this is really where all my key details go for an event, and the nice thing is that this can be shared easily with others and can assist in collaborating. Here is an example of how I start my lists: Event Details List
  3.  Vision Board: This can be done through Google presentation. A picture really does speak a thousand words, and I think planning the vision of your event through pictures if the BEST way to explain ideas and thoughts to vendors, friends helping, or just your husband (ha). I have learned fully over the years that when its game time, you just have to go with the flow, but this tool is very beneficial to making execution go very seamless.

3. Execution: After all the plans are made and the day finally comes, at that point you just have to let the event fly. Probably some of the best advise I have ever got about event planning came from my mother-in-law Ellen. Something that her and her sisters practice is that when the day of the event comes and you start to notice things not going exactly as you planned, you have come to the “Oh Well” place. You just need to be ok with things not going perfect and just enjoy the event you have put on. Guests will never know about the little details you had planned and it is time to enjoy your hard work!

Cheers to an amazing party and trying your best!

Photo’s by Brian Mattinson


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