Pregnancy Update: 38 Weeks

Pregnancy update! I am 38 weeks and we have an official induction date! 

The last couple of weeks have been a roller coaster of emotions. After spending 32 days in a boot for my fibula fracture, I got the all-clear from my orthopedic specialist to stop wearing it. The very next day at my 36-week appointment, we found out that baby girl was in a frank breech (head and feet up, butt down) position. 

When we found out August was breeched, I had weeks to try to flip him. This time around, I had 10 days to try to flip her before our External Cephalic Version appointment. I instantly started Spinning Babies and seeing a new chiropractor. At our 37-week appointment (2 days before our ECV appointment) she did move, but this time, she was transverse breech (laying east-west in my uterus), which is worse than the frank breech. 
Performing an ECV procedure does have risks associated with it; my water could break or the baby could go into distress and need an emergency c-section. So, we had to be prepared for every outcome, meaning all bags had to be packed our arrangements for August and the pets had to be made.  As we arrived at my ECV appointment, I was not feeling that she had moved or that the procedure was going to be successful. As luck would have it, she FLIPPED on her own, just like her big brother! 

I am feeling so fortunate that we were able to successfully flip her, now I’m working on lots of hip opener exercises to entice her to make her way down my pelvis. Regardless, we have our bags packed and are ready if she decides to make a surprise appearance earlier than her induction date. We can’t WAIT for her to make us a family of four!

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