Happy due date to our second pregnancy

Happy due date to our second pregnancy 

Even though we were only together a short 8 weeks, today I want to honor and remember you, the baby with no name, the baby that changed our family and will forever live in our hearts. 

First ultrasound December 28th 2020

Now to back up for friends and family that are questioning this post, here is a quick timeline on our last year, which seems like such a blur.

August 2020: We had our first meeting with our fertility team to try for baby #2

October 2020: I got a promotion at work, we put August back in daycare, and had Hysteroscopy to remove polyps in my uterus

November 2020 : Tried to stay COVID free and started IVF

December 2020: Found out we were pregnant, my grandpa passed away, and I began spotting

January 2021:  Confirmed heartbeat on my birthday 1/11, confirmed no longer a heartbeat on 1/20, scheduled a D&C on 1/22, found out after surgery my brother had died. 

Moments after our embryo transfer December 10th, 2020

Our OB has confirmed that the fetus had a genetic mutation, so this was not a fault to me, my body, or Romy giving me the progesterone injections. Even though miscarriage is terrible there are so many reasons we were thankful at the time.  

1. We had a beautiful healthy 13-month-old baby boy. 

2. We caught the miscarriage when we did. Originally when I called for my first OB appointment, they weren’t going to be able to get me in until 2/8. I can’t imagine going through a natural miscarriage or not knowing what was happening. 

3. We had more embryo’s frozen.  

Celebrating Christmas morning excited we were pregnant

I feel like in the last year we have had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows of my entire life. But it’s interesting being an infertility patient because I have the greatest hope for our future and I truly believe everything happens for a reason (as cheesy as it is). So even though we were truly broken after the miscariage, we picked up all of our broken parts and started to heal.

We started our 3rd round of IVF March 26th, transferred our embryo on April 16th (my Grandpa’s birthday) and had our first ultrasound on May 10th to confirm the pregnancy was stuck in the correct place. So here we are, officially in the second trimester of our third pregnancy. 

But before moving onto our current pregnancy, I would be remiss if I did not take the day to celebrate the sweet life we never knew. The day we found out we were officially pregnant (December 28th, 2020) we started imagining our life with you in it. Having 2 under 2, how August would be a big brother, telling our families and even long term plans like summer birthday parties. So happy due date to our second pregnancy. 

August 28th 2021 will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Our embryo hatching before our transfer

1 thought on “Happy due date to our second pregnancy”

  1. Romys brother or sister would have been born may, 1989. We share your heart for that little life and the life of our grandchild as well


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