Quarantine Life Update

Welp we have been in quarantine officially since March 16th and let me tell you, life has been interesting!

In the last 6 weeks, regardless of our environment changing, both Romy and I have continued working full time while parenting full time! Entertaining a 5-month-old, while both trying to be on conference calls, with Gus barking at the Amazon delivery driver, as our cat tries to eat our headphones, has been exhausting, but we are managing and adapting. It’s funny because the first few weeks were such a blur and we were getting help from my furloughed mother and brother. Now that we are in kind of a rhythm, it feels like I am back on maternity leave (please note, I was only back to work a month before all of this happened).

If I had to describe in one word what quarantine has done for me and us as a couple, it has taught us to be more agile (which is hard for my type – A mind to wrap around).

While in quarantine, we have kept ourselves busy!

August celebrated his first St.Patrick’s Day

We finished updating our master closet (reveal coming soon) and then I flooded our basement and now we need to replace part of the floor, oops!

August tried food for the first time (sweet potatoes, was not a huge hit)

Celebrated my mom’s birthday

I listed a TON of clothing and shoes on my Poshmark Closet, check it out and feel free to make me offers if you are interested!

Enjoyed far too much of my cousin Amanda’s homemade sourdough bread

We have enjoyed the company of our friends, family, and coworkers via virtual happy hours

August celebrated his first Easter

August turned 4 months AND 5 months

Gus has learned to love walks even more now, that he can stroll along with his brother

I have cooked and cleaned more in the past 6 weeks than I ever have in my life! So much so, that I have decided to share some of our favorite recipes with you right here on Darboy Kate. So stay tuned for lots of yummy recipes headed your way.

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