Cheers to Sparkles, Champagne and the Last Decade

Not only are we celebrating the New Year today, but a new decade. So before we tie the bow on this last decade, let’s take a little stroll down memory lane to celebrate just a few milestones.


Studied abroad in Paris, France











Became a fur mom to Gus the pug


Earned my very expensive piece of paper


Got engaged to the man of my dreams

Purchased my first car

2009 VW Beatle


Romy graduated with his MBA from Indiana University


I officially became a Reynebeau

And gained 3 new brothers


Took our first road trip to the south



Traveled from the Pacific Ocean across the US to the Atlantic Ocean

Had 3 major life events happen in May…


Surprised my father-in-law for his 60th Birthday and traveled to Europe

Got a new sister in June….

…and another in July!



Landed my dream job back in corporate retail

Started Darboy Kate



Paid off all of our student debt and threw a little party to celebrate

Did some major work on the outside of our house

Became a mom!


So cheers to the last decade.

A decade where I grew into the person I am today and I could not have done it without this man by my side. I am so excited to see where this next decade takes us.


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