Nursery Reveal


After MONTHS of prep work around our house, we officially have a functioning nursery. I say months because this process wasn’t just moving our guest bedroom, it was moving our whole house around.

To fit this nursery a couple things needed to happen:

  1. Our garage needed to be re-organized to account for basement “things” (tools, Christmas decorations, camping supplies, etc)
  2. The basement needed to have space made for our queen bed that was from our guest bedroom
  3. The main floor closets need to be re-organized to shift Romy’s clothing out of the guest bedroom closet

The whole house process started pretty soon after we found out we were pregnant. We figured the more we could get done while I was normal size and full of energy, the better for everyone. Since we had already painted the room a grey color, we didn’t see any reason to repaint since grey worked with our theme.

Speaking of our “theme”  when anyone would ask I would just say, black and white with pops of gold. I wanted our nursery to feel gender-neutral, clean, and a space that I loved spending time in (because the baby isn’t going to remember).  But, the more I thought about it, I would say our nursey is “themed” after Little Golden Books. I grew up loving all of my Little Golden Books, I have called Romy the Poky Puppy for years, and for our first wedding anniversary (the paper anniversary), Romy got me a whole collection of Little Golden Books for our future children.

So just for some context, here are the before photos. We always pegged that this room would be our nursery, but in our tiny 3 bedroom ranch, it kind of became our catch all/spare bedroom.

Before: Guest Bedroom

When we originally purchased our house in 2016, our guest bedroom was a little girls room, with pepto bismol pink walls.
The only update we had made to this room when we moved in, was paint the walls Zicron Grey from Sherwin-Williams

After: Nursery

Photographer: Brittany Ellis Photography

Room Details:  Pottery Barn Flynn Crib, Elephant Mandala Print, Zebra Mandala Print, Giraffe Mandala Print, White shelves, Baby Blueprint, Mirror, Dresser/Changer: Curated Home Decor (similar here), Hatch Changing Pad, Gold Tiered Basket, Gold LOVE Art: Curated Home Decor, Hatch rest + sound machine, Organic white crib sheets, gold pedestal picture frame,  Rocker/Glider, Side table, Activity gym, Black Curtains

Golden Books:

The Star Wars Little Golden Book Library

75 Years of Little Golden Books: 1942-2017

12 Beloved Disney Classic Little Golden Books

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