The THIRD (and final) TRIMESTER! 

Thinking back on these last 39 weeks in total, even just these last 11 weeks since starting the third trimester, I really can’t believe how fast this time in my life has gone.
And honestly, it has been an amazing chapter of seeing my body change, feeling our little guy grow larger and stronger each week and dreaming of Romy as a dad.
Our third trimester has been action-packed, so I figured I would do a little recap of what has been going on in the last 10 weeks.
Baby showers: We are so spoiled by all our friends, family and coworkers to not have just one baby shower, but two (and two celebration lunches)! I did a full recap of each, Fiesta Baby Shower and Family Baby shower. 
Braxton Hicks: I honestly can’t complain about pregnancy. I had my first Braxton Hicks contraction at 32 weeks and I thought I was going to die! Of course Romy wasn’t home and when I called to tell him that something wasn’t right, my call kept dropping (I think he was more scared than me), but after a quick google search, I was able to confirm it was just a false alarm. Since then, I have only had a few, so I am very curious to see how real contractions are.
Belly: I really didn’t feel like my belly actually popped until the start of the third trimester, and even still, I recently had someone tell me they were shocked how far along I was. Regardless, I, of course, feel massive, but really only in my belly. I have a hard time telling the distance between myself and objects.
Clothing: I think the biggest shock I get from people is how much of my maternity wardrobe is not actual “maternity” clothing. I actually only purchased a few key staples and everything else has been up-cycled from my current wardrobe:
Water Retention: Honestly the hardest part of my whole pregnancy has been my feet and hand swelling. I have been wearing compression socks pretty much 24-7 for the last month and I had to add a step to my night routine; wrist brace. If I don’t wear the compression socks, my ankles swell so bad I can barely move my ankles. And if I don’t wear the wrist brace, I wake up during the night from my hands being completely numb/tingling.
Pre-Eclampsia: We actually had a scare at 36 weeks that I had Pre Eclampsia. My doctor was concerned about my swelling feet and a protein they found in my urine. But after further blood tests reviled I was perfectly healthy.
Breech Baby: We had known for MONTHS that Baby Reynebeau had been breech, but it actually became a concern at our 32-week ultrasound that he was still breech! The doctors weren’t concerned and just scheduled another ultrasound at 36 weeks to double-check. The thought was at 36 weeks we would figure out a plan. But, me being the type A person I am that was not going to do, so I took matters into my own hands. I immediately got in contact with the chiropractor Dr.Andrea Armstrong and started following Spinning Babies to start to flip this baby. At our 36 week ultrasound, he had still not flipped, so we scheduled a version on Friday 11/1, for my OB to manually flip our baby. This was such an experience because we had to go in with the 3 thoughts on what the outcome of our appointment would be:
  1. She would attempt the version and flip him (4-5% chance of him flipping)
    1. If he would NOT flip, we had a C-Section scheduled on 11/14
  2. She would attempt to flip him and my water would break; resulting in an emergency C-Section that day
  3. He would flip on his own
For some ridiculous Halloween/Snow Storm miracle our baby flipped ALL on his own!
So now we wait…
  • The car seat is installed
  • Our bags are packed
  • The bassinet is waiting in our bedroom
  • and my prep work is done at work!
We get to enjoy the fact that everything is done and ready, for when he decides to make his grand entrance.

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