This is 30

In celebration of turning 30 years young, here are 30 things about the woman behind Darboy Kate (in no particular order)

1. I grew up in Darboy, WI; an unincorporated community in Outagamie County in the Fox Cities area of Wisconsin

2. I studied abroad in Paris, France while in college

3. I married my college sweetheart

4. My love of marketing started when I was a freshman in high school, being a part of the KHS DECA Chapter

5. I am the oldest and have 2 younger brothers

6. My favorite store is the Fox Valley Thrift Store

7. I have a 8.5 year old pug named Gus 

8. I collect art from every city I travel to

9. I have a 9 year old [junkyard] cat named Harlie

10. I hate cheerios

11. 11 is my favorite number

12. My favorite flower is lilacs

13. My first job was being a child model for Fleet Farm, Kmart and Shopko 

    14. My favorite color is purple, and I had purple carpet in my bedroom growing up
    15. My love for glue gun projects runs deep
    16. I love the Green Bay Packers
    17. My favorite holiday is Halloween
    18. My husband and I are student loan debt free
    19. I owned a pink with white flowers, Honda Metropolitan moped in college
    20. I love practicing Pilates; cardio and jumping are my favorite

    21. My first “designer” anything was Fendi sunglasses I bought in Paris.
    22. I love sushi
    23. Diet Coke is my favorite soda and reminds me of my Grandma Lenzner
    24. I don’t love chocolate, but I love fruity candy
    25. Lee is mine and my Grandma’s middle name
    26. I LOVE Kate Spade

    27. In a matter of 2 weeks, I had ACL reconstructive surgery, bought a house, and started a new job.
    28. My engagement ring is an emerald, just because I like emeralds
    29. I have had glasses since I was in the second grade
    30. I was apart of musical ensembles from 6th grade through college

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