What is St.Nick?

After moving to Milwaukee and beginning my career, I was shocked to learn how many people didn’t know what St.Nick’s day was.  Growing up in a town that had strong German and Dutch roots, every December 5th eve we put out our stockings in hopes to receive treats from the other St.Nick and not a lump of coal. Now I am sure it was a ploy that parents used to teach respect (almost like today’s “Elf on the Shelf”), but this for me was the kick off of the holiday season. Now each year we would get similar presents; our holiday ornament, a yearly calendar for our bedrooms, of course there was candy of some sort, and normally some kind of gum (we were a big gum chewing family). And as we got older and CD’s and DVD’s became more popular those would be thrown into our stockings also.

Now 30 years later, I have continued the tradition into adulthood, and celebrate with Romy and our fur babies. Again, I don’t go crazy, but a couple of fun treats, along with a yearly ornament to add to our Christmas tree.

I have broken out a couple of St. Nick gifts ideas for him, her and your fur children.

For Her: Well first the most important item in this stocking is the ornament. I guess I am sentimental, but my St. Nick ornament needs to tie to the recipient, either being something they love or resembles an important event that happened in that year. I found this darling popcorn ornament from PaperSoure. Most of my friends, family, and coworkers understand my love for this salty treat, so when I found this ornament I knew I had to have it.

Now I personally am not a big chocolate fan, I favor fruity and sour candy, but when I came across Sparkling Rose Bears, I knew I needed to try them. Who can refuse some rose?

Continuing in my non-chocolate ways, mini champagne has my heart. I love a glass of champagne here or there, and this personal size is perfect for gifting.

Last, but certainly not least, I love to keep a tradition alive, and I really love getting my yearly calendar with my stocking. It honestly is the perfect time of the year, as there are only a few remaining weeks of the current year. Kate Spade will be forever my favorite brand, and they didn’t disappoint with their 2019 desk calendar.

For Him: Now my husband and I are complete opposites, he follows my crazy traditions because it makes me happy, and I love him for that. He also is a chocolate-o-holic, so I gift him what he wants; all the chocolate!

I mean, I could get him Peanutbutter M&M’s for every gift for the rest of his life and he would be happy. But I do like to mix it up a bit a throw in some holiday favorites, likes Ghiradelli and Andes Candies.

He also gets an ornament, his is normally football or Star Wars related.

For Fur-babies: I am so lucky to have our furbabies, our Pug Gus and our junk yard cat, Harlie. Same with Romy, I keep it easy for them, a toy, a treat and an ornament!

Dog: I have recently found Bowser Beer and Gus, loves it! I like to get him some locally made treats also. These featured are from a bakery in the Appleton area.

Cat: Harlie’s does love a good catnip toy along with some wet food, but she had been getting Holistic Natural Feline Treats. I can just bring the container out and she knows exactly what they are.

I wish you a very happy holiday season, and I want to hear more about your favorite holiday traditions, comment below!


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