You’re the Apple of my Eye…

IMG_5352Visiting Nieman’s Orchard in Cedarburg, WI has been a fall tradition for my girlfriends and I the last few years. Nieman’s is the perfect spot, it’s not super busy and over the top orchard, like some of the other orchards in Southeast Wisconsin. The orchard has a more hometown, local feel. You take a tractor ride out to the rows of apple trees and get to taste test the apples as you pick. This year I went with a group of my favorite gals, and we had a blast!IMG_5371

I always go picking with a goal in mind and this year I plan to pre-make freezer pie filling, and I have been loving apples in my morning oatmeal.


My favorite baking apples are Cortlands. They are the perfect balance of of sweet and tart, plus they have a good crisp to them. I also picked a variety of other apples just for eating; Honey Crisps, Secor, Fireside and a couple Red Delicious. If you are in the Milwaukee area, they will continue picking until the first long freeze. If picking isn’t your thing don’t worry, they have an inventory of pre-picked apples in their barn along with homemade apple cider, caramel apples and more. They only take cash and check, so make sure to hit up the ATM before going.

Let me know what some of your favorite apple recipes are by commenting below. 

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