Patio Hangs

As the weather is FINALLY starting to turn here in Wisconsin, we are inching more and more to be outside. Even with quarantine, we are so excited we invested in our patio last year. Getting furniture that not only is beautiful and fits with our mid-century modern esthetic but is actually comfortable.

And yes, I may be wild for picking white fabric, but these cushion covers can all be removed and washed. To protect the fabric from spills and pug paws while we are using I did apply Scotchgard Heavy Duty Water Shield. But while our furniture is not being used, we do have actual patio covers that go over each of the chairs and loveseat. 


Photographer: Amanda Vick Creative

Patio Details: 

Patio Furniture 4 piece set: Love seat, 2 Chairs, and Coffee Table

Scalloped Outdoor Umbrella 

Outdoor Rug

Outdoor Pillows

Small tabletop black modern planter 

Weber Genesis Gas Grill

17.3″ Tall Black Modern Planter

31.5″ Tall Black Modern Planter

Furniture Protection:

Scotchgard Heavy Duty Water Shield

Chair Covers

Loveseat Cover




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