House Facelift

The photo of our home when it was listed for sale in spring 2016.

I am SO excited to finally share our exterior house facelift. When we found our house, we knew right away that we had to have it. The house had the majority of everything on our “house list,” but there were a few cosmetic eyesores that we chose to look past. We closed on our house right before Memorial Day weekend 2016, which was a CRAZY summer for us. I had just had ACL reconstructive surgery and was starting a new job the Tuesday after we closed. So needless to say we didn’t do much in our house the first year of living in it, except dream big.

The day we closed on our house!

Since 2016, we had slowly started to tackle smaller projects inside the house, but our plan was that in the summer of 2019 we would tackle the exterior. We knew we wanted to stay with the 1950’s mid-century vibe that lives throughout the interior of our house. Both Romy and I didn’t love the red brick exterior but figured it would have to stay. Randomly, I saw one of my favorite bloggers building her house with a red brick exterior, but then they painted the whole house white. White brick, I loved how clean and modern this made her house look so I started to research. I showed Romy a few examples and he was sold!

Aside from painting our house, all of the landscaping had to go. With the original bushes from 1956 still in place, we enlisted the help of local landscape architect from the company Diggin It, LLC. Our vision was very modern, with clean lines, black mulch, bright green boxwoods, and lots of hydrangea bushes. After months of design work, we were ready to begin the demo!

The first to go where our hideous railings that were hiding our front porch. Then Romy and his brother spent a Saturday taking all the old shrubs down to the stumps so our painter could paint our house before we planted. To our surprise (and our painter), it took 1 coat of primer and 4 coats of Sherwin Williams Bright White to get to our final product. We were FINALLY able to plant August 14th and we are IN LOVE with the final product!

Check out our facelift pictures below!





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