Everglades or Bust

When Miami first came up on our location search for beaches in the US, I was able to hook Romy, with the Everglades. Being only a 2 hour drive away from Miami Beach, the decision was easy, rent a convertible and go. Everglades National Park is one of the most unique locations  in the world comprised of coastal mangroves, sawgrass marshes and pine flatwoods that are home to hundreds of different animals.

But first the convertible, a 2018 Chevrolet Camaro. I actually don’t think I have ever really driven in a convertible, and for sure not like this. I think Romy saw his true colors while cruising with the top down, driving down highway 41 straight into the Everglades.

Romy actually is the planner of vacations in our house, so he planned for us to go on a total day trip in the Everglades. This was with the Captain Jack’s Fan Boat Tour which  was a TOTAL Everglades combo package. First we enjoyed a fan boat tour through the Mangroves, where we saw alligators and met a raccoon named “Susie” and her babies. Not only did we do plenty of shitties through the mangroves, but also went off a jump or two in our fan boat.

From there, we went on a Grassland airboat tour and then a Swamp buggy tour; each viewing the different environments of the Everglades. Through our full day, we saw too many alligators to even count, manatees, and I got to HOLD a 3 year old alligator.

This day tour gave me a whole new appreciation for this part of our country that I honestly didn’t know much about and I can’t wait to go explore more of this amazing country I live in.




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