A Victorian Masquerade

Attending a masquerade ball has been on my to do list for quite some time now. When I heard there was going to be a masquerade at the Pfister Hotel, I figured it was an exclusive and expensive event to attend. To my surprise, the event was free and was in honor of the Pfister’s Artist in Residence, the creative mind behind Silversärk,  Stephanie Schultz.

Schultz  classifies her style as “Alternative fashion, from Steampunk to Gothic to Avant Garde and High Fashion.” The designs themselves literally took my breath away. If ‘Interview with a Vampire’ and Alexander Mcqueen had a baby; that would be Schultz’s latest collection.

Photo by: Deborah Olson

No detail was overlooked and you could really see the time and energy that went into creating the whole collection. Each of the pieces were independent of one another, but Schultz had woven complementary elements throughout each piece to tie the collection together. With the texture of the lace, next to the black ruffle and dramatic pops of red; the whole collection had a very romantic vibe.

Aside from the collection, the event itself was a work of art. I have never had the luxury of feeling like I was being taken back in time, but Schultz’s event did just that. From the string quartet, parlor games, to my fellow attendees; I have never felt more under dressed in my life (wearing a full length beaded gold gown may I add).


I can’t wait to see what Schultz does next. Her residency at the Pfister goes until March 31, 2019, stop in and say “hi” and take a look at her gorgeous pieces in person.

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