What is Darboy Kate?

DARBOY KATE: This is me, an evolution of where I have come from to make me who I am today. From the beginning I got the nick-name Darboy Kate from my Grandpa Don and Dad and it has kind of stuck. Darboy, USA is the very small town I call home, and even though I don’t live there anymore, the small town life is woven into my DNA.


FASHION: Fashion has been a part of my identity my whole life. Starting my early years as a toddler model for local retailers (this money actually helped pay for my freshman year of college), and growing up a tween in the mid-90’s loving all things glitter, platform, and Spice Girls, to who I am now, a mid-western gal who loves classic lines, bright colors, and the thrill of thrifting.


14624475_113275732480978_3260866877680779264_nCREATE: I always wonder why I didn’t go to art school (again probably due to my success issues). I have always found myself fascinated with creating. Whether it be learning to sew, making the perfect pancake with my Grandma Sandy, watching my Grandma Bev cross switch or paint a masterpiece,  seeing my Grandpa Dell whittling wood, or watching my dad making his own fishing lures; I have been surrounded by creative people my whole life.


37888143_563610074073585_4770069272544149504_nLIFESTYLE: Growing up I had some great role models that advocated for a healthy lifestyle; my parents. From working out, to packing lunches, to a Celiac Disease diagnosis in the 90’s;  my parents always had health top of mind. Nowadays I am 100% gluten free and love to create healthy gluten free meals.  Aside from eating clean I’m an avid Pilates amateur and I am training for my first half-marathon that I am running with my 2 brothers in the spring of 2019.


40251203_472467093267039_5044323828163717228_nHOME: One of the best parts of home ownership is making your house into a home. We have only been in our house for 2 years, but in that short amount of time we have made our house into a home with our personal touches. I would say that the vibe in our 1955 ranch is mid-century eclectic. We definitely love our mid-century pieces, but have mixed in some family heirlooms as well as new furniture. Out home though is a constant project, always finding to improve.


Image 2871MILWAUKEE, WI: The BIG city, in my 16 year old eyes. When I told my parents I wanted to move to Milwaukee to go to school, that was a hard NO. The city is dangerous, expensive and most of all far away from family. I tried living in a small town dream, and it just didn’t fit me. Milwaukee has been an amazing city and friend to me. I have learned so much from her and I am so excited to see the way she is shaping up. So don’t mind me while I tell you all the good (and bad) things about her.

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